Driving courses for Dalit young adults will provide
employment opportunities as a driver

drivingcourseWe are supporting a project to help young Dalit men to find reliable employment as a driver. It costs just £55 to enrol on a driving course, and this course  teaches both how to drive and also basic mechanics.

In North Karnataka there is great demand for drivers. Within two months of enrolling on a course, a driving licence can be obtained and employment either for a driving firm, or self-employment, will immediately follow. The driving students are also taught the basics of mechanics so that they can repair their own cars.

The driving courses will especially benefit the youth who have not been able to complete their education.  Two young men, Durganna and Ramesh, from the village of Ramathnal have just passed their driving course and have recently been issued with their licence.  They are now saving for a second hand car to share between them, and within 12 months they will be able to work using their own vehicle, and this will give them more daily profit.  Until then they are working for a taxi firm earning a daily wage.

Here is Durganna with his Driving Licence.

Durganna with his Driving Licence

A driving course costs £55, to make a donation please go to the DONATE page.




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