Children’s Profiles

Arpita, born 13.03.2015

Arpita and her siblings are left with their grandparents whilst their parents go in search for work at construction sites during the summer months.  Their parents really struggle to make ends meet but they try very hard to provide as best they can for their children.  A sponsor parent would give Arpita the vital opportunity to stay at school and make something more of her life, so that one day she can support her own parents financially.

Natasha, born 11.6.2016

Natasha is currently studying in Upper Kinder Garten.  She has 2 younger brothers, one of whom is disabled.  She lives in a rented house as her father's salary is very meagre.  Natasha is doing well at her studies and loves dancing and sports for her hobbies.  A sponsor parent would give her the financial she and her family need so that she can get a really good education into the long term

Deeksha, born 15.3.2015 – NOW SPONSORED

Deeksha is studying in UKG (Upper Kinder Garten) at Loyola Kapepaladi School.  Her father is struggling to make ends meet and provide the basic essentials for her and her siblings as his income is very low.  Deeksha enjoys music and singing.  A sponsor parent would give Deeksha the financial stability she needs in order to study in to the longer term.

Archana, date of birth 14.12.2013

Archana is currently studying in the 1st Std at Kapepaladi School.  She is one of three siblings at this school.  Her parents' financial situation is difficult and their income is very small.  Supporting 3 children is causing them financial difficulties and it is for this reason that Archana needs a sponsor parent.  Archana's hobbies include reading and dancing.

Narisimha, born 28.8.2010

Narasimha is currently in 4th Std at Loyola Kapepaladi School in Pannur.  He is very keen to study.  Narasimha's parents, Mallesh and Bhagyamma are good people, they are very gentle and kind.  They both work in their field.  Narasimha would very much like for somebody to take an interest in him and his education, to give him the financial support he needs in order to stay at the school in the longer term.

Sudeep Kumar, born 7.9.2009

Sudeep Kumar is currently studying in the 5th Std at Loyola Kapepaladi School in Pannur.  He stays at the school boarding hostel as the situation is difficult at home.  He is a well-spoken and kind, like his parents who are very supportive of his education but lacking in the financial ability to be able to commit to paying their share of the school fees each year.  Sudeep Kumar would very much like a sponsor parent to take an interest in him and his education.

Shreelekha born 5.6.2008

Shreelekha is a softly spoken girl who has many friends.  She studies very well.  Her parents are both working in the fields and live hand to mouth, they are very grateful that Shreelekha stays at the school hostel where she is cared for and receives good meals.  Shreelekha needs a sponsor parent to support her as she works hard in her studies, to achieve her ambition of becoming a teacher

Manoj Kumar – born 9.3.2006

Manoj Kumar is the oldest child in his family  He is a very bright student and his favourite subject is Computing.  His hobbies are drawing, reading and acting.  He wants to be a soldier in order to protect his country.

Bujamma – date of birth 29.11.2004

Bujamma has just transitioned to Loyola School in Manvi.  She has a brother and sister at Kapepaladi school who both stay at the school hostel.  Bujamma is a diligent girl and studies well.  She wants to become a teacher to help the children in her society to have a brighter future.  Her favourite subject is English

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