Children’s Profiles

Ashwini, date of birth 13th June 2012 – NOW SPONSORED

Ashwini is currently in 4th Std at Loyola Kapepaladi School in Pannur, with her older brother Ashok is in 6th Std and a younger brother in 3rd Std.  Her family circumstances are the same as Ashok's who is also looking for a sponsor parent.  Ashwini is doing well in her studies, she is a very smart and ambitious child who wants to become a lawyer.  She loves to dance and loves craft work too. Ashwini would love for someone to sponsor her and help her to continue with her studies, she would love to be able to achieve her goal and study law.

Madhan Kumar, date of birth 1st March 2013

Madhan Kumar is currently in 1st Std. He has a younger sister who is studying in LKG.  His father is the main breadwinner of the family but sadly he is an alcoholic and wastes his money on gambling and alcohol.  His mother is ill-treated by his father.  She works in the fields to try and help support the family.  His mother is often sick and his elderly grandparents help his other by providing the basic needs for the family.   Madhan Kumar loves drawing and wants to become a soldier when he is old enough.  Madhan Kumar needs a sponsor parent to give him the financial support he needs to keep in education into the longer term.


Ranjitha – born 25th February 2002

Ranjitha is currently in 8th Std at Loyola Kapepaladi School in Pannur.  Her mother is looking after the family, the father has left.  She is a cook in a school, but her salary is very poor and isn't enough to maintain the family.  Ranjitha is doing well in her studies and wants to become a teacher.  Ranjitha would very much like for somebody to take an interest in her education and give her the financial support she needs.

Pruthvi – date of birth – 24.01.2014

Pruthvi is currently in 1st Std .  His father is a Mason and is on a very poor salary which is insufficient for the family to live on.   Often Pruthvi is left with his grandparents so that his parents can go to the cities to earn more money, migrating from place to place to make ends meet.

Pruthvi loves singing and drawing, he is good at studying and loves extracurricular activities.

Pruthvi needs a sponsor parent to support his education and help him to become an engineer.

Uday Kiran, born 1st September 2012

Uday Kiran is currently in 4th Std .  He has two sisters, Prarthana studying at the same school and a younger sister who has not yet started school.

Uday Kiran's father is a farmer, he has his own piece of land and cultivates it but it is not enough to support the family.  He is forced to travel to the city to find construction work in the summer as his land is not able to be cultivated in the summer due to the scarcity of water.

Uday Kiran is an ambitious student and works very hard. He wants to become an engineer.

Uday Kiran, along with his family, would be very grateful for financial assistance to help to make his dreams become a reality.

Sujan, born 2nd February 2013

Sujan is the youngest of 3 children.  His parents are both coolie workers and their earnings are insufficient for the daily needs of the family.  Sujan's favourite sport is cricket, and his ambition is to become a Policeman when he gets older.  He is looking for a sponsor parent to take an interest in his education and to support him in his studies

Manoj Kumar – born 9.3.2006

Manoj Kumar is the oldest child in his family  He is a very bright student and his favourite subject is Computing.  His hobbies are drawing, reading and acting.  He wants to be a soldier in order to protect his country.

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