Uday Kiran, born 1st September 2012

Uday Kiran, born 1st September 2012

Uday Kiran is currently in 4th Std .  He has two sisters, Prarthana studying at the same school and a younger sister who has not yet started school.

Uday Kiran's father is a farmer, he has his own piece of land and cultivates it but it is not enough to support the family.  He is forced to travel to the city to find construction work in the summer as his land is not able to be cultivated in the summer due to the scarcity of water.

Uday Kiran is an ambitious student and works very hard. He wants to become an engineer.

Uday Kiran, along with his family, would be very grateful for financial assistance to help to make his dreams become a reality.

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