The Giving Lottery

What is it?

GivingLottery is an exciting weekly lottery scheme that charities and good causes can join to help them raise funds. There is a top prize of £25,000 and smaller prizes available depending on how your numbers match up.

How does it work?

Individuals, businesses and syndicates purchase tickets for
the weekly draw. Tickets cost £1. You choose the cause that you would like to
support, complete a short form and make payment. You can have as many numbers
as you wish, play for as long as you like subject to a minimum of 5 weeks and
can select your own numbers or have them chosen for you. The draw is made every
Saturday evening and the results are published on the GivingLottery website.
You will be contacted directly by them if you have won.

How does Supporting Dalit Children benefit?

We will directly get 40p from every ticket that is entered
into the weekly draw, where we have been selected as the chosen cause by that
ticket-holder. Another 20p from every ticket goes to good causes generally. The
remaining 40p from every ticket funds the admin fees and, of course, the prize
money. Supporting Dalit Children is paid monthly by the GivingLottery. To
support us follow this link which will take you directly to our page.

Why have we signed up?

Supporting Dalit Children is keen to reach out to new
supporters in our fundraising efforts and this is a fun way to generate more
funds, reaching new people in new areas. We are hoping to gain support from
individuals who are keen to help our cause and don't feel able to take on the
commitment of sponsoring a child every month. We are also reaching out to
businesses who might consider helping us as part of their Corporate Social
Responsibility effort.

Will the money raised be used for something specific?

The short answer is yes! We are aware of a specific Dalit family that desperately needs support and the money raised in the first year of this lottery will be used to fund the youngest 2 (of 5) siblings through school for the next 7 years at Loyola Kapepaladi School. We will keep you updated about Meghana and Godwin and their progress through our website and social media pages.

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